The Photographers

Gill Moon

I am a landscape photographer living and working in Suffolk. I love the sea and all things nautical and am drawn to the coastal fringes which inspire much of my work. I am an experienced yachting photographer covering many sailing events on the East Coast but my passion is really for the natural environment and all the wonders it has to offer.

Working in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty means that I have a wealth of wonderful locations on my doorstep. Recently I have been drawn to the woodlands and heaths and am enjoying discovering some of the more intimate landscapes that this area has to offer. 

I am passionate about the local environment and the wildlife that lives here and am keen to share my knowledge with others. I run landscape photography workshops and 1-2-1 tuition sessions and have written and published a guide to ‘Photographing the Suffolk Coast’

I am currently working on a project entitled ‘the Enchanted Forest’ which explores the magical Suffolk woodland of Staverton Thicks.

Gill’s Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers

I love Suffolk, especially the coast. I moved here to work for BT nearly 20 years ago and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. When Gill and I were reviewing my photographs for this exhibition the theme of “blue” chose itself. Photographically I am drawn to river and coastal scenery, boats, reflections and Suffolk’s famous big skies.

Photography has changed a lot in the many years since I passed ‘O’ level with a manual 35mm Zenit E and printed my black and white images in the school darkroom. Camera technology, including digital, has opened up many more possibilities and who knows where technology will take us in the next 50 years? I hope, however, that 50 years from now the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB will still be as beautiful and inspiring as it is today.

Angela’s Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Richard Tricker

I am an amateur photographer based on the Suffolk Coast. Living here provides me with the opportunities to capture this amazing area and constantly challenge myself with new and demanding projects. My cottage is only minutes from the sea and the River Deben so I am often dashing off to catch a sun rise or a sun set.
I have been guided and encouraged by Gill Moon and am indebted to her for all the help and advice over recent years.

Richard’s Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Shelagh Allen

I am a photography enthusiast based in Worcester for the past 40 years.  I spent my childhood growing up in Suffolk and remain a Suffolk Lass at heart – Dad would say ‘It’s a place you can never leave’ and he was right!   

I met Gill on one of my visits ‘home’ and it was a pleasure to revisit places with my camera that I once knew so well.  I am more often than not drawn to the ever changing coastal landscape here. I began to contemplate the constant battles between man and nature.  The concrete sea walls, defence groynes, shingle bags and rock armour are now all familiar structures.  Yet somehow, despite their ugly form, they have become an accepted and integral feature in this AONB.  

I wanted to show the continual conflict of nature taking  back what man has put there, and for me the black and white image accentuated this.  The recent loss of Orfordness Lighthouse is most poignant, and I like so many others will truly miss this iconic landmark.                                         

Shelagh’s Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Zoe Harris

Simon Gooderham

Hi, my name is Simon and I was born in Ipswich but now live in Maldon, Essex.
I am a keen amateur photographer that likes to travel in my campervan to remote places for freedom, solitude and of course, photography! My main passion for photography is Landscape, Night photography and Long Exposure photography but I enjoy other types too. For me, photography is not only about capturing a moment in time to share, but being creative by visualising an image and then using the camera as a tool to create that image.
It is through my photography that I have learnt to slow down and connect to our diverse landscape, nature and the history within it. The Suffolk AONB has a special place in my heart from the ancient woodlands to the many heathlands to the ever changing coastline. Suffolk is blessed with a dark sky area for viewing the night sky and, being located on the east coast, outstanding views of the sun rising above the horizon of the sea, which I can recommend are both magical experiences to see!

Simon's Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Pat Ainger

My name is Pat Ainger and I live in the Tendring area.  I have always loved taking photos as a record of the wonderful landscape I live in and the places I visit on holiday.  In 2018 I wanted to know how to use all the features of my camera, so I took a beginners photography course at ACL Colchester.  The course was excellent and certainly got me ‘off auto’. I wanted to continue to use and develop my newly learnt skills so I joined the Stour Valley U3A Camera Group and also the Manningtree and District Photography Society.

Gill’s tuition, workshops and photo walks have further inspired me to look at different viewpoints within the wider landscape as well as the more intimate compositions and the details you can see when you actually look at what’s in front of you, rather than just walking from A to B.

With my camera I am now regularly out and about exploring the beautiful countryside, woodlands, rivers and coastline that is around me on the Stour and Orwell estuaries and further up the Suffolk coast.  I hope my photographs for this exhibition will reflect just some of what I have discovered.

Pat's Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Tim Stott

Since being prompted to “get a hobby!!”, I’ve been a keen amateur photographer for over 40 years.  I’ve used multiple camera types but have settled on Nikons for many years – just personal preference.  Along with my personal photography, I've also dabbled in wedding and portraiture photography with medium format cameras... at least until children arrived!  As an adult I successfully completed my A-level, followed by a City & Guilds course. I then taught an in-house course at work and I’ve run a Rookie Club at our local camera club.  So, I know the theory... putting it into practice is often harder.  I describe myself as an opportunistic photographer with a wide range of photographic interests; I love patterns and seeking out interesting parts of a scene.  I thought this exhibition would give me a reason (or discipline) to concentrate on a single specific theme but it’s sooo hard!  I’m going to (try to) take landscapes along the coast . . . I may just have to add in an odd one to disprove the case!!

Tim's Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Rosey Nicholls

Hi, my name is Rosey Nicholls and I live in the Hadleigh area of Suffolk.  I enjoy being out of doors and observing the nature around me.  Photography has enabled me to study the many insects and flowers that I have seen.  I especially enjoy the macro side of photography which allows me to record the more intricate and finer details of these subjects.  Photographing these tiny species is like being in another world.

Having the Suffolk ANOB on the doorstep means that I can view a much wider range of flora and fauna in the vast woods, heathland and coastal areas available to me.

Rosey's Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Phil Lenney Suffolk 50 50 Exhibition

Phil Lenney

My name is Phil Lenney and I have been taking images of Suffolk since my partner and I bought a lakeside holiday lodge in the area at the end of 2017. Although we still live in Ely, Cambridgeshire for the past three years we have spent almost half of our time in Suffolk, travelling down every other week with our dog who loves to join me on my early morning photography trips for the sunrise!

I have been a keen photographer for many years but have been more interested in it since the advent of digital cameras, and also enjoy being able to tweak my images in Photoshop to enhance my results. I joined Ely Photography Club about three years ago and have had some success in competitions there, winning their Members Choice competition for the best projected digital image in 2018 with a picture of Southwold pier, and the best print of the year with an interior shot of Ely cathedral in 2019.

I particularly enjoy taking iconic shots of Suffolk and trying to see if I can get a shot that is a little different or more dramatic than similar ones that other people have taken, and Southwold pier especially at sunrise, is a particular favourite.

Phil's Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.

Hillas Smith

My Name is Hillas and I am a retired GP from London now living in Suffolk in the AONB. I have been coming  here  since  childhood and have always loved the wide open spaces, the skies, the sea and the estuaries. I enjoy photography and am thrilled to have a little more time  now for my hobby.

My theme for the exhibition is the Suffolk Coast and its Churches. Most of the coastal churches have been part of the landscape for over 700 years and I have tried, in my pictures, to capture their beauty and isolation within the sea and sky.

Hillas's Exhibition Images

Exhibition images will be available to view in November.